Medical Treatments & Services

Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries are the most common in accidents. Pathways Injury Consultants can provide care from the most minor sprains to major surgery and reconstruction.

Extremity Injuries

Extremity injuries are very common in accidents. Pathways Injury Consultants can provide care from the most minor sprain to major surgery and reconstruction.

Eye Trauma

Eye injury can be a life-changing event for the patient. Every case is unique—and many injuries are treatable. Our ophthalmologists and ocular surgeons provide state-of-the-art care.

Dental Trauma

Fractured or lost teeth can happen as a result of motor vehicle accidents or other trauma. The dental specialists in the Pathways Injury Consultants network can restore functionality and appearance.

Trauma & Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons patients seek medical care. Unfortunately, pain often persists after an injury appears to be healed. Pathways Injury Consultants offers long-term pain management and implant therapies for pain control after an injury.

Plastic Surgery

The expert plastic surgeons in the Pathways Injury Consultants' network bring the latest innovations to accident injury care. Their skill and artistry enable patients to regain their appearance and confidence.

Concussion & Head Injuries

Pathways Injury Consultants’ network of neurologists provide therapy for traumatic brain injury—TBI—therapy and mild traumatic brain injury—MTBI. Additionally we offer diffusion tensor imaging—DTI— cases often missed by standard magnetic resonance imaging.


The chiropractors in Pathways Injury Consultants network understand how to properly diagnose, treat and document injuries. They’re experts in documenting complex soft-tissue injuries that aren’t as obvious as fractured bones and other easily seen impairments. Our chiropractors use the latest treatment modalities and make referrals as needed to trusted specialists in our network. They understand the legal system and are willing to work closely with attorneys.

Joint, bone, and ligament injuries

The physical therapist will assess your needs and recommend exercises that can be done to improve flexibility, strength, and mobility. You’ll perform some exercises during your appointment, but also be expected to exercise on your own at home.