ABOUT USPathways Injury Consultants

We are a network of independent board-certified chiropractors, imaging centers, pain management, orthopedic and physical therapy specialists providing medical care to personal-injury patients across North Texas.

SERVICESConcierge-style case management and medical care with one point of contact

We provide medical care to patients injured in car, truck and motorcycle accidents through a letter of protection—LOP—from an attorney, medical lien, personal injury protection or major medical insurance.
Patient navigation specialists
LOP-friendly physicians
LOP-friendly facilities
Uniform medical validation process
LOP-friendly imaging
Top-tier specialists and surgeons

ADVANTAGESOver 45 years of experience creating better patient and client outcomes

We’re your full-service case-management consultants for personal injury. We make sure our clients have a positive experience and receive coordinated care that helps them get back to living stronger and healthier.
Complete medical records package
Affidavit of billing and medical records
One point of contact for your staff
Reasonable and unassailable fee schedule
Oversight by an experienced executive team
One point of contact for your client

Unmatched medical services from expert physicians


OUR TEAMBehind every case is a patient

"Regardless of the complexity and profile of your referred case our team of physicians will go above and beyond to ensure each case is handled with a sense of urgency, attention to detail and exceptional duty of care."

Dr. Ron Faries