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Spinal injuries can occur in an auto accident when the force of the collision causes sudden and severe impacts or jolts to the body, leading to damage to the spinal cord, vertebrae, or surrounding tissues.
Common ways to injure an extremity in an auto accident include direct impact, such as striking the steering wheel, dashboard, or doors, as well as from flying debris or the force of the collision causing the limbs to twist or become trapped.
Chiropractic therapy is important for someone who was in an accident because it can help alleviate pain, restore mobility, and promote healing by addressing musculoskeletal issues often associated with accident-related injuries.
Did you know that a staggering 98% of patients with concussions go undiagnosed? Shockingly, 62% of all clinic patients arrive with minor traumatic brain injuries or traumatic brain loss, yet only around 4% receive the necessary diagnosis and treatment.
Auto accidents can cause physical trauma, leading to injuries like whiplash, which can result in chronic pain if not treated. Emotional trauma from the accident can also contribute to persistent pain by causing muscle tension and increased pain sensitivity, emphasizing the need to address both physical and emotional aspects in pain management.

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